Dongguan Fang Ying Fiber Tech. Co.,Ltd,Welcome!

Natural, health and safety, green energy-saving fiber chip development leader,Dongguan Fang Ying Fiber Tech.the first phase of investment of 5 million, in July 2016 formally incorporated, from Guangdong Province well-known thick nonwovens Brand Dongguan lotus surplus.

The original Dongguan City Lian surplus nonwovens Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, Guangdong Province, non-woven fabrics governing units and the Dongguan City Association of corporate units, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, private technology enterprises, SGS gold medal integrity suppliers.

Senior, capable, super creative, Dongguan Fang Ying team is a significant feature. Dongguan Fang Ying integration of the core of Dongguan Lian surplus research and development, production and quality control management team. Dongguan Fang Ying existing general staff of 26 people, the average industry practitioners experience more than 8 years; senior production management staff 4; R & D team 5 undergraduate education; quality control system 5 people.

17 years R & D results precipitation and core advantages of equipment integration, is the core advantage of Fang Ying. Fang Ying has 28 kinds of test reports, authorized 13 patents and a fully equipped independent laboratory; has four core production workshop, including a fourth-generation medium-speed acupuncture workshop, 2015 transformation of the hot air acupuncture workshop , Air into the network workshop and August new investment in the fifth generation of Exxon hot air flake production workshop.

Commitment to become a customer problem solution is the pursuit of Fang Ying. Not limited to become a first-class quality and reasonable cost of the supplier, Fang Ying team 17 years in the new fiber materials development, industry standard testing, downstream customer development needs and other aspects of the accumulation of resources for downstream customers, especially the mattress industry Of customers, such as Mousse, Arlan, to provide new products to solve the application of market solutions.

In addition to natural fiber flakes, functional health flakes, safety flame retardant flakes, energy-saving sound insulation of the development and production, Dongguan Fang Ying also through holding, equity, regional exclusive licensing, etc., combined with their own research and development, quality control system Advantage, through the integration of other ordinary thick non-woven production resources for the target customers to provide a full range of services.

Safe, healthy and comfortable home environment, Fang Ying with you to create.