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Xi'an issued car repair shop standard: paint the air outlet to be set to filter cotton
Announcer:Fang Ying   Posted on:2017/8/31 9:11:26   Click rate:755

      If there is a need for maintenance, we will often be sent to the 4S shop for painting paint, but in the process, in fact, will produce a lot of harmful emissions, pollution of the environment. November 24, "Xi'an car repair business spray paint room maintenance and inspection standards" release, Xi'an maintenance business spray paint room routine maintenance and inspection and acceptance of a unified standard.

      24th afternoon, the city pollution pollution haze Office, City Department of Transportation, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau jointly held in the space base of the city 4S shop spraying organic waste deep treatment work site will be. At the meeting, "Xi'an car repair business spray paint maintenance and inspection standards", the city's maintenance business spray paint the daily maintenance and inspection and acceptance of the development of a unified standard.

      It is understood that this year, the city's transport sector in accordance with the municipal government pollution prevention and haze of the task requirements, to take effective measures to complete a large number of implementation work. And actively carried out the maintenance industry ozone pollution control campaign, in the districts and counties, the development zone with the active cooperation, after 7,8,9 three months of the joint warfare, the work achieved positive results, a total of inspection and media exposure and the masses Reported 109 over-discharge and maintenance enterprises to carry out rectification and punishment.