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Jin Chun shares of the new three board listed on the main spunlace nonwovens research and development
Announcer:Fang Ying   Posted on:2017/8/31 9:14:02   Click rate:838

       December 25, Anhui Jinchun Nonwovens Co., Ltd. (securities referred to as: Jin Chun stock code: 835140) through the transfer of the agreement in the national share transfer system listed on the public transfer.

       Announcement shows that Jinchun shares in 2013, 2014, January-July 2015 operating income were 107 million yuan, 1.61 billion yuan, 168 million yuan; net profit of 7,246,500 yuan, 15,600 yuan, 10,481,300 yuan.

       Jinchun shares was established in July 21, 2011, the main business of Spunlaced non-woven research and development, production and sales. The company's downstream customers are mainly personal care products, baby supplies, health care, leather cloth, packaging materials, building materials, automotive interior, clothing and other industries in the enterprise.

       Daobei new three board Institute of information, Jinchun shares listed on the listing of the brokerage firms for the Nanjing Securities, Beijing Zhongtian Tiantong Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) is responsible for financial audit, Anhui Chengyi law firm as a special legal adviser The