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Imitation silk cotton breathable - imitation silk material introduction
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       In general, very few consumers really know the fabric, so the concept of imitation silk is not very understanding. Life in a lot of bedding and so on are made with imitation silk, then what is imitation silk! Imitation silk and permeable it! If you are interested, then followed by Xiao Bian to understand it!

Imitation silk cotton breathable - what is imitation silk cotton

       The first by Beijing Cheng-ling Textile Products Co., Ltd. in 1993 or so research and development, with ultra-fine silicon hollow short fiber as the main raw material, together with the part of the heat capacity of short fiber, finished with very little glue, after calendering, Silky surface smooth, mercerizing, thin, delicate, soft, good insulation, washable strong, not easy to deformation, will not run silk, feel like down, fine texture, the surface such as silk, with tension, soft and so on Washing machine repeated washing will not be variant, is washed, sand washing clothing suitable for filling materials; for high-end winter clothes, fine soft fabric clothing, bedding and do high-grade winter fashion packing, is an alternative feather as an ideal choice for filling cotton.

Simulated silk cotton breathable - Product Features

       High-grade imitation silk because of its easy to combine with the popular elements, and not easy to moisture, warmth is not easy to reduce, for a large number of high-end fashion and uniforms used. It abandoned the past, with the use of plant cotton long warmth will be worse and particularly bloated shortcomings. At present, the status quo of imitation silk in the domestic market is: fish head mixed beads, as long as the handling of flakes may be called imitation Simian, in fact, a great difference between the products. Because the quality is not the same, the production of flakes when the fiber formula is not the same, the product price is also very different, and sometimes blinded the eyes of consumers. With the development of fiber industry, now imitation silk cotton market has emerged more than imitation silk cotton flakes, that is made of finer fiber flakes, better thermal performance, more washable. Such as the market now has YISHUN cotton and 3M cotton.

What is the advantage?

       Environmental protection, strong elasticity, no glue, after high temperature and sterilization treatment, replacing the traditional cotton products and sponge, mattress, cushion accessories new products. Feel supple, good rebound, breathable, washable, the main application And cold clothing, sleeping bags, bedding sofa, air filtration and so on. Feel comfortable, delicate, washable strong, mainly for high-end cold clothing, sofas, bedding.

       Imitation silk is widely used in bedding and clothing manufacturing. It is not really cotton, but the high-end house cotton warm performance is very good, very gentle and very breathable, and the most important thing is that it is much cheaper than the real cotton. While its fabric plasticity is also very good, easy to combine with the popular elements. Everybody hurry to try it!