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Characteristics of Fire Insulation Cotton - Category and Advantages of Fireproof Insulation Cotton
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       With the development of science and technology, more and more new materials used in people's social development. Of course, the most important thing is the preservation of these materials, not only to adopt a strict manual management system to strengthen the manual management, on the other hand should always prevent the occurrence of unexpected conditions. For chemical plants, fire and explosion is an indispensable measure! It is more concerned about other factories that are prone to fire, so now let me introduce you to the latest fire products on the market fire insulation cotton.

Characteristics of Fireproof and Insulating Cotton - Performance of Fireproof and Insulating Cotton

Performance: safety and environmental protection, fire retardant, waterproof and corrosion, good temperature resistance, in -80 ~ +100 degrees environment, physical stability, good pressure, good flexibility, long life, wide range, , The thermal conductivity is low, shock absorption, sound and other excellent performance; appearance clean and beautiful, no deformation, no crack, soft material, feel good, simple and convenient construction, with a gum, tear off kraft paper can be pasted, Use the process, according to the need to be free to cut.

Application: mainly used for mechanical, chassis, cabin, engine, mechanical and electrical noise, heat insulation, noise reduction and other treatment, tearing kraft paper can be used directly in the chassis need sound insulation, insulation, dry parts.

Advantages: professional production and sales manufacturers, the price is reasonable, diverse models, according to customer specifications customized, adequate supply, delivery fast, three bags after sale.

Characteristics of fireproof insulation cotton - category of fireproof insulation cotton

       Glass wool is a category in glass fiber, is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber. Glass wool is the fibrous glass fiber, the formation of cotton-like material, chemical composition of glass, is a kind of inorganic fiber. Has a good shape, small density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing performance, corrosion resistance , Chemical stability.

       Centrifugal glass wool (also known as: glass fiber cotton, glass insulation cotton, centrifugal glass wool, etc.) generally use centrifugal injection of glass wool production process, to produce a soft texture, fine fiber, good resilience, fire glass wool felt , Can be stuck with aluminum foil and other veneer, steel structure for the building to provide the ideal insulation sound-absorbing material, this product has: insulation sound absorption effect is good, low project cost, short construction period, non-toxic, do not stimulate the skin, Construction staff health, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

       Centrifugal glass wool felt is designed to meet the needs of large-scale laying of the coil, in addition to maintaining the characteristics of thermal insulation, but also has a very excellent shock absorption, sound absorption characteristics, especially in the low frequency and a variety of vibration noise Have a good absorption effect, is conducive to reducing noise pollution, improve the working environment. This material can also be used in the construction of any tailoring, mainly for the construction of indoor, muffler system, traffic cotton felt, but also has a strong ability to heat radiation, high temperature workshop, control room tools, refrigeration equipment, household appliances Of the shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction, the effect is very satisfactory. There are aluminum foil veneer glass, the engine room wall, compartment and flat top excellent lining material.

       Through the above description of the fire insulation cotton, I believe you have some understanding and preparation. Fire insulation cotton performance is not to make you an eye-opener? Very magical! Here in order to let you more fully understand the knowledge, specifically to give an example _ fire insulation cotton. Through the introduction of fire insulation cotton, so that you more clearly the effect and function of fire insulation cotton! Only continuous research, scientific research, we can faster, more high-yield development of a high and intelligent products, so that they For everyone in our society.