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【Product Name】:
Tea fiber cotton
【Product materials】: 100% tea fiber
【specification】: compaction model: gram weight 80-2000 - g / ㎡ (2-25 ㎜) thick, width of 60-300 cm. Loose type: gram weight 80-400 - g / ㎡, (2-40 ㎜) thick, width of 60-300 cm.
【Color of products】: white
【product number】: 17P01
【production process】: comb the tea fiber flat, and use acupuncture or hot wind through special process
【packaging method】: PE plastic bag is packed in a roll
【Our tenet】: honesty and trustworthiness, quality excellence, customer first, win-win cooperation
Product Details:


Tea contains many kinds of organic compounds which are beneficial to the human body. Most of these ingredients have the function of health care and disease prevention. The abundant polyphenols in special tea leaves are the active ingredients of human health care. Days tea fiber using unique process the effective components in tea in the form of nano-scale particles form evenly dispersed to clothing with fibre, in the process of wearing, with the contact friction between skin and fabrics, human body skin absorb the effective components in tea, so as to achieve the health care effect.


1. Antibacterial antibacterial toxicity

The tea fiber contains natural extracts from tea and is distributed evenly in the fiber, which can effectively protect the human body.

2. Preventive

The tea polyphenol contained in the tea fiber plays an important role in body fat metabolism. Tea polyphenol can effectively prevent the cholesterol, triglyceride and other high content, vascular endovascular fat deposition and the cardiovascular disease.

3. Skin care

Tea contains polyphenols in fiber is water soluble substances, use it to remove oily skin, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, resist skin aging, reduce the ultraviolet ray in sunshine radiation damage to the skin effect and so on.

4. Delaying aging

Tea polyphenols have a strong antioxidant and physiological activity. Tea polyphenols have the effect of blocking lipid peroxidation and removing the active enzyme. The anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E, according to the results of the Japanese okuda test.

5. Washable

In the process of fiber spinning, the tea extract is distributed evenly in the fiber, and the function is long and the washing resistance is good. After the detection of the fiber and product washing 50 times by the domestic authorities, the bacteriostatic rate remained above 95%.

6. High flexibility

All day tea fiber derived from natural, soft and comfort with natural fibers, feel is excellent results, is the production of high-grade knitting underwear, bed supplies best materials such as textile and medical industry.


ROHS,REACH,MSDS,Formaldehyde test

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Suitable for high-end bedding, mattresses, home textile, washing is, air conditioning, cotton-padded clothes, baby sleeping bags, thermal underwear, gloves, ma3 jia3, pet mat or limousine pillow core, cushion for leaning on of filling, also suitable for fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation filler and without spinning cotton; It absorbs water, breathes air, meets fire does not burn bright fire, is carbonized, expansion is good, suit to make fire prevention, insulation cotton or partition wall filling material more.


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