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【Product Name】:
94V fire-proof padding
【Product materials】:            fireproof polyester fiber, low melting point fiber
【Size of specification】:            180gam ~ 300gsm
【Color of products】:            white
【product number】:            12C01
【making process】:            polyester fiber is formed after combing the net and using the low melting point binder
【product use】:            indoor and other home (including van), etc. Personal use of furniture, for example, bed, children's furniture sofa, cushion, high chair, mattress (any size) and pillows, carpets, etc
【packaging method】:            PE plastic bag is packed in a roll
【Our tenet】:            honesty and trustworthiness, quality excellence, customer first, win-win cooperation
Product Details:


There are five kinds of experiments:

1. Level B level combustion test

2. Vertical combustion tests at 94v-0, 94v-1, 94v-2 levels

3. 95-v vertical combustion test

4. Flame spread index test with radiant panel (as measured by ASTM E 162)

5.94 VTM - 0 94 VTM - 1 94 VTM - 2 vertical combustion test (VTM refers to extremely thin material here) is described below:

1. 94HB level combustion test method

This test adopts a small strip specimen with a length of 127mm, 12.7mm wide and 12.7mm thick, with a minimum thickness of 3.05 mm. In the unventilated box. Rated 94 hb grade material, the sample thickness is 12.7 mm, 76.2 mm gauge on the combustion rate is not greater than 38.1 mm/min, or sample thickness is less than 3.05 mm, the combustion rate is not greater than 38.1 mm/min before or in 102 mm line, must stop burning.

2. 0 94 V, 94 V, 94 V - 1-2 levels of vertical burning test method for UL94 vertical burning test of burning time according to the samples, whether drop ignition absorbent cotton and other experimental results, the polymeric materials as the V - 2, V - 1, V and 5-0 V four levels, with lowest V - 2 levels of flame retardant grade, level 5 - V as the highest flame retardant grade. First, the test methods of 94v-0, 94v-1 and 94v-2 were introduced. The test specimen was 127mm long, 12.7mm wide and 12.7mm thick. In the unventilated test box. The upper end of the sample (6.4mm square) is clamped with the holder, and the longitudinal axis of the specimen is perpendicular. The lower end of the sample is 9.5mm, 305mm from the surface of the dryer. Will be lit Bunsen burner and adjust to produce 19 mm high of blue flame, the flame of the Bunsen burner under you sample, ignition 10 s, and then remove the flame (at least 152 mm far from the sample), and make a note of sample time with flame combustion. If remove the flame within 30 s after samples of the flame is extinguished, must under the Bunsen burner will be moved to the sample again, rekindled specimen ignition 10 s, then remove the Bunsen flame again, and make a sample with flame combustion and flameless combustion of burning time. If the sample melts into a tobacco plant, let it fall into the 30 5mm of the absorbent cotton and see if it leads to the cotton wool. If the cotton wool is on fire, the rating should be considered.



Can choose soft, hardness, have pull good, rebound is good, light, soft, comfortable, water is not easy to change type, good heat preservation, fire performance is strong.


ROHS,REACH,MSDS,Formaldehyde test,94V

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Indoor and other private use of furniture such as couches, beds, children's furniture, cushions, high chair, mattress (any size), pillows, carpets, etc.


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