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【Product Name】:
ceiling insulation batts
【Size of specification】:            60 ~ 3000gsm
【Color of products 】:            white, black, other custom colors
【product number】:            1503
【making process】:            polyester fiber is formed after combing the net and using the low melting point binder
【packaging method】:            use PE plastic bag for wrapping, external woven bag
【Our tenet】:            Honesty and trustworthiness, quality excellence, customer first, win-win cooperation
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What is a K value?

The K value that we normally use in thermal insulation is actually the thermal conductivity of the material, also called the thermal conductivity.

Inside the object perpendicular to the direction of thermal conductivity take two 1 meters apart, covers an area of 1 square meters of parallel plane, if the temperature difference of two plane 1 K, in 1 seconds from one plane to another plane's heat for the thermal conductivity of the material, the unit for W, m - 1, 1 (w. k. m - 1-1).

Usually called the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials insulation materials (national standard in our country, the average temperature is not higher than 350 ℃ when the coefficient of thermal conductivity is not greater than 0.12 W/(m, K) material known as thermal insulation material), and the coefficient of thermal conductivity under 0.05 W/m c material called high efficiency heat preservation material.

The thermal conductivity of different substances is different; The thermal conductivity of the same substance is related to its structure, density, humidity, temperature and pressure. When the moisture content of the same substance is low and the temperature is low, the thermal conductivity is small. In general, the thermal conductivity of the solid is larger than the liquid, and the liquid is larger than the gas

The relationship between K and R values

.k value/thermal conductivity is defined as the amount of heat transferred directly to the unit area and length in unit temperature and per unit time.

The R value refers to the thermal resistance of the material, the ability to block heat through the unit area at the specified temperature.


At present, there are five main fire protection materials:

Class A: non-combustible building materials, hardly burning materials.

Class A1: not burning, not open flame

Class A2: nonflammable, to measure smoke, to be qualified.

Class B1: incombustible building materials: hard flammable materials have good flame retardant action. It is not easy to catch fire when it is exposed to bright fire or under high temperature. It is not easy to spread quickly, and when the ignition source is removed, the combustion immediately stops.

Class B2: combustible building materials: flammable materials have a certain flame retardant effect. In the air, when the fire or under high temperature, the fire can immediately ignite, easily lead to the spread of fire, such as wooden column, log cabin, wooden beam, wooden stair, etc.

B3 grade: flammable building materials, no flame retardant effect, easy to burn, fire danger is very high.

In addition, according to different standards, the classification of fire resistance materials is different:

DIN4102: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3

En13501-1: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F


It can choose soft, hardness and size at will, with strong thermal insulation and strong fireproof performance.


ROHS,REACH,MSDS,Formaldehyde test, B1 fire protection

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Mainly used for building decoration insulation, house insulation, sound insulation, car interior decoration, meeting room, home, cinema decoration, etc.


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