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【Product Name】:
Surface rubber ceiling filter cotton
【brand】: fangying fiber
【Color of products】: white, blue and white, other colors
【Product number】: 11A04
【level】: F5 / EU5
【resistance】: (recommended) 25Pa - (maximum) 450Pa
【making process】: main filter target: greater than or equal to 5um
【making process】: comb the fiber flat and use acupuncture or hot wind through special process
【packaging method】: PE plastic bags are packed in rolls, or packaged in small pieces as required by customers
【Our tenet】: Honesty and trustworthiness, quality excellence, customer first, win-win cooperation
Product Details:


Surface adhesive is actually the surface of cotton surface with glue, the fiber inner layer is free of glue, so called surface glue, relatively fluffy, fiber is a specific proportion of large chemical fiber and small chemical fiber mix.


1. Imported biochemical filtration materials from Japan.

2. It has the characteristics of drug resistance, water resistance, light resistance, non-flammability, water permeability and air permeability.

3. It has super permeability and can be washed and recycled several times.

4. This product contains no harmful substances such as chlorine, so it will not harm the environment after treatment.

5. Standard specification: 1M * 2M * 30MM, 1M * 2M * 38MM.

6. It can also be cut according to customers' requirements.


ROHS,REACH,MSDS,Formaldehyde test


1. It can be used in car spray painting room and factory painting workshop.

2. Filtration of central air-conditioning duct.

3. Condensate noise and oil water separation.

4. Sewage sludge treatment plant, waterworks, cooling tower, swimming pool, fish pond, breeding eggs, etc.


FangYing   The leader of new fiber and fiber products' application
World top 500 designated suppliers
The company has more than 2000 customers around the world, and has a strong partner, with a wide range of credibility.
The cooperative experimental base of Famous universities
Famous experimental cooperation bases, such as South China University of Technology, Dongguan University of Technology.
13 utility models patent technology
A great deal of manpower and material resources are invested in patent development every year. As of September 2017, nearly 1000 patents have been obtained.
The first batch of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong
Our company was awarded the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong in the year of 2015.
Development and application of fiber and fiber products more than 17 years
We are established since 1997 and opened our own lab to search & develop all different fiber products & usage since the year of 2000.
One stop solution provider
As per long history of our lab with high-tech lab developer and more than 20 years of manufacturer experience,we are always trying our best to support the better and better survice to our customers and solve the different problem for our customers.
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We design all kinds of high quality non-woven products with professional R & D, we have already pass the new standard of upholstered furniture flammability TB117-2013, California CN117, BS5852 flame retardant flame retardant Standard British standard product test, ROHS test and the EU made CFR-1633 fire retardant products of UL company in the United States mattress production certification; also pass the Swiss textile testing Co., Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and MSDS certification, in line with the EU REACH regulations. China green environmental protection management center reviewed and selected "China green environmental protection products". The organization of the company is rigorous, the enterprise management applies QUICK - ERP software management, the product is imported into the ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system, and the production site is implemented with 8S management.
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